Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Day Off!!!

Last Wednesday I decided to do some shopping, so I went to Gordmans. I haven't been to that store in FOREVER!! My main goal while I was there was to find nice pair of jeans. So now the big question..did I find any jeans?? The truth is that I am terrible at shopping for clothes by myself!! I need one more person with me so I can ask them for their opinion! Pathetic I know!!:) So I kept on shopping and I ended up getting things for my place! Now that I live on my own I tend to look for things to decorate my house. Check out what I got!! :-)

In theses pictures I got the vase, candles, and the holder

This picture I got the saying "Relax"!
I love my lamps! I got one for my side and Ben's side.

I got the vase and then the orange stuff that is sticking out of the vase

I just love how my vase matches my comforter! Perfect match!!

I was very excited to get home and put everything up! :-)
I feel like my bedroom & Living room are almost complete!
Next I have to find curtains!!!!


  1. AHHH! I love it girl!!! And you're not going to believe this, but I got the same lamp as the ones you got for your bedroom. Same lamp, at Gorman's 3 or so weeks ago!!! Great minds think alike. Lovely post my dear!!!

  2. LOVE that 'love you for always' thing! looks like you found some awesome stuff!!!

  3. Hey Holly! I don't know if you remember me or not -- I think we've maybe met once (or twice) -- I went to Faith and go to Saylorville. Anyway, Katie Johnston sent me a link to your blog because she noticed you found some great green things in your bedroom! I just so happen to be redecorating our bedroom and green/brown is the color scheme I'm going with. You've got great taste! I'm gonna have to go check out Gordman's now :)

    ~Amy Perrott~

  4. Hey Amy! Yeah I know who you are! I have seen you around Saylorville! Yeah you should totally go to Gordman's! They have a lot of fun stuff! I just love green and brown together! Well keep me updated on what you find!